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2017-2018 Academic Calendar Revisions: Proposed Hurricane Make-Up Days And No Early-Release Wednesdays For Testing


Hurricane Make-Up Days

Florida’s Education Commissioner Pam Stewart has invoked her authority to provide some relief for two of the days students missed for Hurricane Irma.  In addition, Osceola School District staff has reviewed statutory requirements for instructional time in the current academic calendar, and has determined that adequate time is already built in to current school days to account for an additional two days of instruction.  Because Osceola students missed a total of six days of instruction, Superintendent Debra Pace will be recommending that the district add two student days and move two planning days for teachers to satisfy state requirements.

The two proposed additional days for students would be as follows:

Friday, December 22, Friday, May 2

These two proposed additional days for students would allow for “clean endings” on Fridays for both first and second semester. Teacher planning originally scheduled on those days would move to Friday,  January 5, and Tuesday, May 29.

Superintendent Pace plans to recommend the revised calendar for the Osceola County School Board’s approval at its meeting on October 3, 2017.


No Early Release Of Osceola County Students On Six Wednesdays

First Date: On October 11, 2017, students will not be released early from school

The Osceola School District is planning ahead by allowing students to have a full day of school on the Wednesdays for fall and spring SAT Days, as well as for when statewide tests will be administered. As such, parents and students should be advised that there will be no early release of students from school on the following Wednesdays: October 11, 2017, March 7, 2018, April 18, 2018, April 25, 2018, May 2, 2018, May 9, 2018

Students will be dismissed from school on these days as they normally would on a Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. By allowing for a full day of school on these Wednesdays during testing, it allows more flexibility of the school-wide testing schedule. Schools will now have options to build in more opportunities for breaks between the different testing sessions to allow students to stretch, relax, and refocus.