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2019 School Supply Drive 500 to be held July 1-31

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Released By A Gift For Teaching

Preparations are underway at A Gift For Teaching for the School Supply Drive 500, held July 1 through  July 31.

Imagine trying to write without a pencil, color without a crayon, and learn to read without a book… that’s a reality for many students in the public school system. Many families are struggling to provide food and shelter for their children and are unable to provide the basic tools for learning.

Each summer, members of the community are asked to come together to support this initiative, free school supplies for students in need.  The donated supplies keep A Gift For Teaching’s shelves stocked with the necessary basics for the entire school year. With over 86% of Osceola County students unable to buy lunch, much less school supplies, a lot of support and host sites are needed this year.

Hosting a drive is simple. Put a collection box out at your place of business or civic group meeting and ask co-workers, members or customers to bring in new school supplies. With the support of the community, A Gift For Teaching can provide brand new supplies to students in need for free.

You can also participate in the Supply Drive 500 by visiting www.foundationosceola.org and clicking on the “School Supply Drive” button. When you register a team and pick your car, your crew is listed on the website and you can see your standings. Your team will earn laps based on the quantity of certain items you donate. For example, 12 pencils= 1 lap. The race gets really competitive and the students are the winners.

Get a jump on the competition by registering your team online by June 30 and you will begin the race with 100 laps!

Drive hosts are not required to register a car to participate in the drive. Car registration is only required if your team wants to start the race with a better pole position.

For more information or if you are interested in participating in the School Supply Drive 500 this year, please send an email to Kathy.ejnioui@osceolaschools.net.

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