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BB&T Bank Lends Support to St. Thomas Medical Clinic


The St. Thomas Aquinas Free Medical Clinic has gotten some wonderful help from BB&T Bank in St. Cloud.

BB&T’s Alicia Hermosa reached out to the clinic to offer assistance from BB&T’s Lighthouse Project. The clinic operates in conjunction with Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Orlando.

“Alicia submitted our clinic as a recipient of benefits from BB&T’s Lighthouse Project,” said Kelly Bender, Clinic Director. “St. Thomas Aquinas Medical Clinic was up against other submissions, but we were chosen.”

BB&T’s involvement did not end with donations. Volunteers showed up on June 2nd and 3rd to help with new landscaping including plants, palm trees, mulch and flowers. They returned on June 9th to add pots with plants and decorations for the front porch.

In addition, the volunteers made new signs for the door and parking lot. They painted all the inside walls and trim. The Lighthouse Project also purchased new curtains, chairs, pictures, fan and decorations for the waiting room along with desks, chairs, a lamp and a new wall partition in the “discharge room.”

“The BB&T headquarters also picked our project along with four others to do an on-line commercial video which has been running for the past 45 days,” said Mrs. Bender.  “It was a timely opportunity for us because we just celebrated our tenth anniversary.  What BB&T has done is help breathe new life into our clinic.”

St. Thomas Aquinas Free Medical Clinic provides medical care to the neediest in the community. Since 2008, the clinic has served over 9,500 patients here in Central Florida.

People without insurance can get top quality care from volunteer physicians, physician assistants, nurses and other medical personnel who donate their time, talent and even their treasure. This lends dignity to those patients seeking care.

The clinic opens its doors every Wednesday at 3:30 p.m. at 510 Brown Chapel Road, St. Cloud, FL. Adults are seen each Wednesday and children are seen on the first Wednesday of the month. For more information, contact Kelly Bender at 407-593-1256 or kelly.bender@cflcc.org.