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Become a Foster Parent – Q&A to be held March 20


Submitted By Esma Dennis

Nearly every day I’m asked the question, “What is a Foster Parent Recruiter?” I simply smile and say, a Foster Care Recruiter is responsible for finding families, or individuals to become foster parents, mentors, or adoptive parents. Throughout many of our communities, there are many children that need safe and nurturing homes. Not only do kids in foster care need a safe place to stay, but they also need to feel loved, and they need someone to help them as they strive to overcome the many challenges that they face as a foster child.

Many people within our communities can be vital components in helping some of our most vulnerable achieve their full potential. Our foster children need you! They need willing Foster Parents to provide shelter to shield them from abuse and neglect. In addition, Foster parents also mentor and some even become permanent parents by way of adoption. These precious children have all been placed in difficult situations through no fault of their own. The result often being, the child being removed from the original home. Children range in ages from newborn to teens, with all desiring to be loved. Foster Parents provide a temporary place for them.

Here at Embrace Families, we provide resources to aid in the successful fostering of children. We envision a community that embraces vulnerable children and families with support, so that every child has a safe, stable, loving home and path to a bright future.

If you are interested, which I hope you are, we are having a Q&A on March 20th at 21 West Monument Ave., Kissimmee, FL, from 6pm-8pm. We offer various sessions at different locations on a regular basis. Attending these sessions will give you the opportunity to gather information and ask questions that you may have about fostering, adopting, or mentoring. There will be a panelist of professionals that will be able to explain fostering and adoption in great detail. Please call Embrace Families at 1-866-90-CHILD (24453) or local Foster Parent Recruiter (Esma) at 407-721-3892.