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By Kevin Sheehan,Special Columnist

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If something is not broken, then there is no need to fix it. But what if something so fundamentally deep is broken, but tradition roots deeper? Is it possible to adapt and evolve, without compromising integrity and values?

It all depends on what you value. We grow up with the question “Why?” leaping forth through our lips as rampant and consistent as waves crashing upon a beach. How often did we hear the answer “Because” or “That is the way it is”, or even worse, “I don’t know, it just has always been this way.”

Ever still, the question remains: Why?

If we never dig deep and find reasoning behind things, then there is no possibility of reconciling any potential underlying issues. If we do not take the time to investigate ourselves, how can we find areas on which to improve?

Put very simply, it can all be boiled down to one analogy: a boy from a long line of alcoholics decides not to drink. He decides it is time to break the cycle. “Why do we drink? Because we can? Why do we trade our stress for liquid, yet still leave relief in the bottle while we consume it?”

Also, racism has been fundamentally instilled in many generations before us. But why? White people and black people are both just people. If we take the time to think and see things from a broader perspective, we can uproot underlaying issues and make a path towards progression for the betterment of ourselves and the society around us. By choosing to stay ignorant, however, and by refusing to question why and open our minds, we counter progression and in turn, cease ourselves from growing.

Caution is needed however, to keep things from spiraling out of control. Preaching tolerance and forcing submission are two very different things, and while we want to live in peace and harmony, it is important to realize the difference between the two.

Life itself is a cycle. We are born, we learn and grow, we age and work, we decay and then decease. But each day that is lived can be held to a routine in which we work, we eat, we do chores, we take care of our responsibilities. All these things are wonderful and mature tasks. But how often do we break the cycle, even for a moment? Once again, reason is needed, because I am not talking about coming home from work and climbing Mt. Everest, nor am I talking about learning to speak Klingon. I mean sporadic adventures. How often do we go meet new people, take an unplanned trip, break out of our shell and just do something new?

It is the moments in life unplanned that can make for tragic or both amazing situations. It is breaking out of the routine, stepping forward into the unknown and that unsettling feeling in your gut that serves as a warning, even while making an adjustment. It is time to take everything you knew, and question it, and to see if what you believe and do serves the best for yourself and others. And it is time to make strides to advance, and not let ignorance cripple you by tradition.

It is time. Break the cycle.

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