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Buzzin’ For A CUT and A CURE


By Karah Morrison, Managing Editor

Summer is right around the corner and with it comes spending time with your children while they are on Summer vacation, trips to the beach and endless outdoor activities. What else comes with Summer? Something I dread often, yard work! If you’re like me and are not looking forward to your exhaustible amount of yard work, call DomiNATE Lawn Care to handle the stress.

DomiNATE Lawn Care was founded by Samantha Ciraldo, a single mom of four. Samantha started this business to not only help beautify your lawn but to also spread awareness of Childhood Cancer.

Samantha’s oldest son, Nate, was diagnosed with Stage 4, Rhabdomyosarcoma which is a rare form of Sarcoma Cancer at only 12 years old. The family was recently told the horrific news that Nate’s body has become resistant to treatment. For the last year Samantha and her family have had to sacrifice everything and now it’s our turn to help!

DomiNATE Lawn Care is a true family business, as Samantha’s father, Ennis Bohannon runs the crew. Whether you need your trees trimmed, irrigation installed, want to spruce up your landscape or just a simple mow of your lawn, DomiNATE Lawn Care can take care of all your outdoor needs. A portion of all proceeds will be donated to Childhood Cancer organizations and research, as only 4% of the $4.95 billion budget for the National Cancer Institute in 2015 was received for childhood cancer.

Instead of dealing with the hassle of yard work yourself, call DomiNATE Lawn Care. This father and daughter duo is out buzzin for a CUT and a CURE. To contact DomiNATE Lawn Care, please call 407-914-9184 or 407-383-4255.