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Change In Heart


By Kevin Sheehan, Special Columnist

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Regardless of weekly content, this column is designed to help others expand their way of thinking and promote creativity, empathy, and thought in general.

It has been said that “He who is resistant to change is destined to perish.” While change may be a foreign concept to many, it is inevitable. Maybe not on the scale that one might think, but inevitable nonetheless.

As we grow up, we have change. We learn that things aren’t free, which is a big change. We learn that Santa isn’t real, which could be a change for some. We learn that there is a world outside of our lives and that the universe does not revolve around us, but we are at mercy of the universe.

We change our jobs, we change our homes, we change our views. Amid all this inconsistency lies a simply constant: change. Why can it be so daunting? Fear, maybe we are not necessarily afraid of change but the unknown plagues our mind. Change can be put off for fear of letting something go. We can hold whatever we want so dear and tight that when something we need or something better comes along, we pass up the opportunity to simply hold on to what we know, what is familiar.

To move forward, simply put, we can’t stay still. And even if we do stand still, often the world continues to move around us. The very thing we hold tightly and refuse to let go may wiggle itself out of our hands and move on anyway. The best thing we can do in life is to follow a recent meme from Heartbreak Ridge: Improvise. Adapt. Overcome.

Not all change is bad. Starting a relationship with someone can be absolutely terrifying, because most of us reading this have been hurt before, and opening up to someone is not exactly easy. Starting a new job or a career is also chaos, to learn the chemistry of a new workplace or field. Both scenarios we may easily end up in a relationship that we do not want to be in.

But do we not owe it to ourselves to try? If we all will change, don’t we owe it to ourselves and others to try to change to be a better person? In our world, can we give peace a chance? Be patient with someone who we may not understand or disagree with? Have intelligent discussions of differing opinions without arguing? Maybe look up from our phones and try to meet the eye of another human being and smile at them?

It takes effort on our part. We need to take that step out. We need to take that leap of faith. To step towards a new direction, it must mean we are willing to leave where we currently are. If we sit stagnant and let the world evolve around us, then we will ourselves be changed by the world. But if we change ourselves and the surroundings we have, we can change the world.

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