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By:  Michael Aun,  http://www.aunline.com

      We are all like a battery.  Sooner or later, we lose our charge.  How do you go about replenishing your energy?  When you happen to be in an emotional drought, do you have your “go-to” things you do to recharge.

When I find myself unable to fall asleep in some far away hotel room in a distant city I have my “go-to” dreams that help me fall to sleep.  Mine are simple… I just recall the times I played little league baseball.  Within minutes I’m growling like a bear.

Same thing happens when I aboard an airplane.  Wheels up… and I’m snoring so loud that if the Flight Attendant does not wake me to turn down the volume I actually wake myself.

Getting a good night’s sleep is important for your health.  As one grows older, a variety of aches and pains commonly wake you.  How do you restock yourself?

     Family is the greatest channel for me, most especially my grandchildren.  Ashley and Ava will soon be 11 and 9 respectively.  Their favorite thing to do is pool diving contests.  It frustrates them that I always give each a score of ten… they never seem to beat one another.

When my twin grandsons arrive for their weekly assault on our home I am reinvigorated by their mere presence.  Cameron and Keenan, aka Yogi and Spike, take the place over like they own it.  Our pots and pans become their pots and pans.

They still want to attempt things that are over their pay-grade, constantly testing the limits to see just how far they can go.  “NO” is a foreign word which has but one meaning… find another way to accomplish the same goal.

     They always leave me worn out but so happy they came.  I can hardly wait for their next visit.  I think there is something else in play here.  I think, as the shrinks would put it, I am connecting with my “inner child.”   Experts suggest that the things you loved doing as a child are the kinds of things you should do to rejuvenate yourself.

One might renew their energy with some everyday things.  Some colleagues of mine like to resort to jogging.  For me, I am more of a slogger, i.e. a slow jogger.

     My favorite pastime is serving as the world’s oldest ball boy for the St. Cloud High School football teams where my son Cory is a coach.  The tiny bit of exercise I get running up and down the sidelines is like an aphrodisiac.

So exercise is not your thing?  Try volunteering at an animal shelter or at a school.  My volunteer work consists of raising money for the St. Thomas Aquinas Free Medical Clinic in St. Cloud, FL.

     If a sense of accomplishment is your crying need, try cleaning out a closet or taking all the clothes you have not worn in the past year to Goodwill.  Tidying up is a good thing.

Cooking is another pastime that many love.  Preparing meals or baking bread for my Knights of Columbus council is a neat way of recharging my battery.

Creating something is another way to get a boost.  On a weekly basis, I crank out 700-1000 words in my column which is widely read in some 41 countries.  My new goal is to try to visit the many towns and cities as possible where “Behind the Mike” appears.

     Another pastime would be to create a playlist of all your favorite oldies but goodies.  I have hundreds of music albums from the sixties and seventies that I have not played for decades.

If you are old like I am, try a cat nap.  I no longer drink coffee but wife Christine loves Starbucks, where I should be a stockholder.  Actually her sister Paula is totally addicted.

Move around, meditate, do yoga or take a shower.  All can be refreshing things that can help your energy level.  And yes, my least favorite of all is exercise which regulates hormones and increases circulation, i.e. reduces stress.

How do you recharge your battery?

     Michael Aun, CPAE Speaker Hall of Fame® is the recipient of the George Morrisey Lifetime Achievement Award and the coauthor of “Killer Secrets of Successful Entrepreneurs” Riverbanks Press (2010).