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Corydalis. The perfect pain killer?


By Acupuncturist Dr. Jeannette “Jett” Kerns, AP, DOM, L.Ac., St. Cloud, FL owner of East Lake Acupuncture

Corydalis, or yan hu suo, as it is called in Chinese is to the Chinese what Tylenol is to Americans. This powerful painkiller is in just about all medicine cabinets in China and is used for all types of pain, especially tension headaches and menstrual cramps.

Corydalis is especially beneficial for those who can’t take aspirin or other pain medications due to ulcers or an upset stomach. Studies show that it works especially well when combined with acupuncture.

Corydalis: Better Than Morphine? Corydalis is one of the strongest pain killing herbs in the world. It is so powerful that it’s been compared to morphine and codeine. Because of this, it also can be used to reduce anxiety and stress and promote sound sleep.

Unlike morphine and codeine, corydalis has few effects, a slower buildup of tolerance and is not addictive. Corydalis formulas are available from a licensed acupuncturist. We do NOT recommend purchasing over-the-counter versions. If you want to try corydalis we recommend letting us mix you a custom blend of clinical strength Chinese herbals that includes corydalis.

Cautions, side effects and warnings: Corydalis is known for its effectiveness and lack of harmful side effects, however anything this powerful should never be taken without professional guidance. While corydalis is generally considered to be safe for healthy adults, we recommend that it be used only for strong pain and not by people who just need occasional, minor pain relief.

The American Herbal Products Association has assigned corydalis a class 2B rating, meaning that it should not be taken by pregnant or nursing women. Some individuals who take large doses of corydalis may experience vertigo, fatigue or nausea and prolonged use of high doses could cause liver damage.

Over the past 5,000 years the Chinese have fine-tuned the art of herbal medicine. Many Chinese formulas combine corydalis with other, highly-effective herbs to make potent, complex formulas. Lucky for you, we know how to make those formulas here at East Lake Acupuncture! Stop by or visit us online today.

Caution: The FDA has issued warnings regarding counterfeit or substandard products being sold online. We strongly discourage online purchasing of any herb or supplement as there have been reports of unsuspecting individuals ingesting harmful substances that were labeled as name-brand supplements.