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Cursive Writing Still Matters at American Classical Charter Academy

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Submitted By American Classical Charter Academy

What’s the best way for children to learn in today’s world, when information is thrown at them in record amounts and at record speed? It’s a return to basics, to phonics, grammar, mathematics, science, music and even Latin and cursive writing.

Why? Because in the world of confusion and information, children must learn how to order their lives. This is the heart of classical education, which has helped develop the greatest minds since Aristotle, and it’s what your child will learn at American Classical Charter Academy, a new Kindergarten-through-8th grade public charter school in Osceola County.

What is a classical education? Grammar, arithmetic, music, science—the basic tools used to educate young minds for the past 1,000 years. For example: American Classical Charter Academy will teach cursive writing, phonics and sentence diagramming. Why? That is the most proven way to teach language. Cursive writing also teaches fine motor skills and discipline—and allows children to read the great documents, such as the original Declaration of Independence. Once your child gets a strong foundation in the basics, we add more building blocks: Literature, Latin, logic.  Your child will enjoy participating and asking questions, because learning is exciting when fundamentals are understood.

Why choose a classical education? There’s a nationwide movement to return to classical education. It helps young people learn how to think, not what to think. It helps them discern the most useful information, communicate effectively, develop goals and make the best decisions for their lives.

Our mission: Deliver a rigorous, engaging, classical, liberal arts education for Osceola County’s students.

For more information or to enroll, go to www.americanclassicalacademy.com or call 800-330-6976. Location: 2395 Hickory Tree Road, St. Cloud