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Do You Really Know?


By Kevin Sheehan, Special Columnist

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Regardless of weekly content, this column is designed to help others expand their way of thinking and promote creativity, empathy, and thought in general.


We live in a grand era of information. Messages can be sent across the world at a moment’s notice, and more information is currently available to us than ever previously before. We have the ability to almost learn anything we want at the drop of a hat with a quick search on a device that most of us hold in our pocket.

The question is, what do we do with the information? Do we turn a blind eye, thinking we already have what we need? If we think we know something as a fact, than it should hold up to scrutiny, no? If we regard something as fact, it should hold up to being tested, and researched.

We would think that things like morality and ethics would be more influential in people’s lives, as many of us grow up learning what is “fair”. As we can see from our current surroundings, hardly anything is now fair. We live in a biased world, which makes things complicated in the fact that the perception of bias is dependent on the individual’s perspective. The world I see is the world nobody else sees, and the world you see is the world nobody but you can quite perceive.

So what remains to be asked is, what is the point? Improvement, progression, and leaving this world a better place for future generations. But how? We seem to have gotten lax as individuals, instead of deciding what we believe in for ourselves, we agree with those who take the lead and tell us what to believe or have beliefs we can agree with.

Do you really know, though, what you believe? Can you defend your beliefs with logic, reason, and evidence? Can you accept criticism and/or adjustment if you were proved wrong? Can you take something, look at it from every possible angle, and come to your own conclusion?

The world is a scary place, if for nothing else than the abundance of ignorance. Read, educate, research. It is impossible to have an intellectual conversation without intellect, and it is impossible to be reasonable without reason. Separate yourself as an individual, find out who you are. Conduct yourself in which defines you as a person. Find yourself, so that you will actually know.

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