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EM Director Graduates from FEMA’s Advanced Academy


Released By Osceola County Community Outreach/Public Information Office

Emergency Management Director Bill Litton recently graduated from FEMA’s National Emergency Management Advanced Academy.

The program at the Emergency Management Institute in Emmitsburg, Md. provides strategic level training, education, and the essential skills needed to manage dynamic and resilient emergency management organizations and situations.

“Graduating from the Advanced Academy is a great honor and an incredible experience that has given me additional training and skills to lead our county during emergencies and disasters,” said Litton. “More importantly is preparedness — the planning and team-building that comes in advance of any situation. The program provided tools to serve the community and execute my responsibilities with knowledge and resources gained from best practice learning with my peers.”

Litton completed four 1-week resident courses in the Advanced Academy including. FEMA’s National Emergency Management Advanced Academy reinforces the qualities needed to lead emergency management programs, while providing relevant management theories and concepts. Advanced Academy participants work within a collaborative environment and establish a lasting peer network.

Students learn critical emergency management responsibilities, such as: program management and oversight, effective communication at all levels, integrated collaboration, and strategic thinking.

The Advanced Academy gives students the opportunity to demonstrate their critical thinking ability through a guided research project and paper. Litton focused on educating youth at the elementary school level (where a gap exists) to help them become better resilient to disasters by sharing actions to take in an emergency and how to be prepared for one. The information developed can also be taken home and shared with family members creating a “force multiplier,” Litton said.

For more information on FEMA’s training classes through the Basic, Advanced, and Executive Academies, or other emergency management courses, go to:  http://training.fema.gov/empp/.