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Frequently Asked Questions: Curbside Disposal Services


Released by Osceola County Public Information Office

Osceola County welcomes Advanced Disposal Services (ADS) as its new curbside services provider. The company is looking forward to providing collection services starting October 1. To better assist, this list of Frequently Asked Questions has been created to learn more about upcoming services.

1. Why are services changing?

The County is improving services by:

· Providing a uniform way to collect household garbage and recycling with carts that allow for automated collection.

· Reducing the amount of litter in neighborhoods caused by open containers or torn bags.

· Capping fees that may be charged by the provider for additional services.

· Improving overall customer service to residents.

2. How will my services improve?

All residents will receive one cart for garbage and one for recycling. This will eliminate manual garbage collection and the need for residents to purchase numerous 45 gallon containers to accommodate household waste. Carts will be available in 3 sizes and residents will be able to select the size cart that best suits their needs. Residents will also have the option of requesting additional carts at a one-time charge per cart.

3. What is the deadline to select?

The deadline to select your new cart sizes via mail was June 21, 2019. However, residents can make selections through the web site on the post card until June 27, 2019.

4. Will I have to have two huge containers?

A postcard survey was mailed during the end of May to all residents requesting that they select the cart size that best suits their needs. If no selection was made, two (2) 96 gallons carts will be delivered; one for garbage and one for recycling. If the cart sizes selected do not work, residents will have until April 2, 2020 to exchange their cart size at no additional charge. Cart changes can be made after this date at an additional charge.

5. Is my annual Solid Waste assessment increasing?  If so, how much?

Yes, your assessment will be increasing. The annual assessment will be $309.15 which covers the cost of providing solid waste services and includes collection of household garbage, yard waste and recycling.

6. The assessment cost seems high.

The County has tried its best to minimize increases in your assessment for almost 20 years. At this time, the increase is necessary to meet the cost of garbage collection and disposal, processing of recyclables, and to allow for efficient services through the use of automated carts, and trucks as well as enhancing your customer service experience.

7. Was there a Public Meeting for citizens to attend?

The County held two (2) Public Workshops on November 8, 2017, September 10, 2018 and a Public Hearing on Monday, February 4, 2019, all of which allowed the Public to address the Board.

8. Why were we not notified prior to the County making this decision?

The BOCC agendas for the Public Workshops and Notices for Public Hearings were posted on our websites and advertised in our local papers. Anyone is welcome to attend the public meetings and address the Board.

9. What will the new services include?

Services will include:

• Once a week garbage collection (automated)

• Once a week recycle collection (automated)

• Once a week yard waste collection (manual)

• Once a week bulk collection (up to 3 cubic yards)

• Two free additional household and recyclables collections a year customized to the resident’s need (at the resident’s request)

• Capped fees for additional services that may be needed by the resident.

• Improved customer service and complaint resolution.

10. Do I have to recycle?

Although recycling is not mandatory, it is strongly encouraged. Recycling reduces the amount of garbage that goes into our landfills. It reduces the amount of waste that you put in your carts. Choosing not to recycle will not reduce your annual Solid Waste assessment.


11. How much garbage will fit in the new carts?

• 96 gallon cart = about (10) 13-gallon bags

• 65 gallon cart = about (6) 13-gallon bags

• 35 gallon cart = about (3) 13-gallon bags

12. Our family accumulates more garbage than can fit in a 96-gallon container. Is it possible to have more than one cart?

Absolutely. After October 1, residents may contact Advanced Disposal and request additional carts for either, recycling, garbage or both, upon payment of a one-time fee equal to the amount paid by the Contractor to acquire each such waste cart or recycle cart. This information will be included in future mailings to the residents and on the County website prior to October 1.

13. Carts do not fit in my garage? My HOA does not allow for carts to be left outside. What are my options?

The County does not have the ability to change the HOA bylaws. However, a request to your curbside service provider can be made for smaller carts. Residents will have until April 2, 2020 to request an exchange. After that time, an exchange fee may apply.

14. I live in my home 6 months out of the year. Will I receive a discount?

Solid Waste Assessments are not discounted on properties that are occupied on a part time basis.

15. If I do not recycle or if I get the smaller cart, will my assessment decrease?

Assessments are not reduced if residents do not recycle or if they utilize a smaller cart.

16. I am happy with my current service provider and my drivers. Why is the company changing?

Your current service provider did not respond to a bid solicitation for the new collection agreement. However, it is possible that you may still notice some of the same drivers, as many times drivers will transition over with the new company. This makes for a smoother changeover.

17. Will my service days change?

New service routes will be announced in September 2019. Information will be sent out to all residents and routes will be posted on the County’s website.

18. When will new carts be delivered?

Delivery of new carts will begin in August 2019 and continue through the month of September 2019. Residents will continue to use their own containers and their current recycle cart through their last collection day in September 2019. They will begin to use their new carts on their first collection day after October 1, 2019.

19. What are the colors of the new carts?

The County has selected beige carts with different colored lids. The waste cart will have a beige lid and the recycle cart will have a blue lid.

20. Can I start using my carts before October 1, 2019?

No. You will not be able to use your new carts until October 1.

21. Do I have to select the same size for both carts?

You do not have to select the same size for both carts. You select the cart size for waste and recycle that best suit your needs.

22. What will happen with the current recycle cart on my property?

Your current service provider will be making arrangements to have all recycle carts collected after your last recycle collection at the end of September 2019. Please don’t hesitate to use the cart on the last collection day as the provider will empty the cart and then pick it up.

23. How will I receive the information on the new days and services?

Information will be provided in many ways:

• Informational packets will be mailed out to all residents prior to October 1, 2019.

• Informational packets will accompany each new cart as it is delivered.

• Information will be posted on our County website and social media platforms.

For further questions, please call the Solid Waste Hotline at 407-742-7765. For all other requests including swapping out your carts for different sizes, service start, or days of service, Advanced Disposal will receive calls and emails starting September 1 to handle any requests prior to the start of the contract.