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Heal faster from Breaks, Tears & Traumatic Injury with Herbs


By Acupuncturist Dr. Jeannette “Jett” Kerns, AP, DOM, L.Ac., St. Cloud, FL owner of East Lake Acupuncture

Reduce recovery time with The Great Mender (Jin Gu Die Sheng Wan)  an ancient Chinese remedy for traumatic injury.

If you’ve ever broken a bone, suffered a sprained ankle, recovered from a surgery or torn your rotator cuff, you are no doubt familiar with the long and painful process of healing. Sadly, sometimes we never fully bounce back, suffering chronic pain for years to come. But what if…

Wouldn’t it be great to bounce back in much less time than it would normally take? What if you could be back to doing what you love most in a fraction of the time it would normally take you to heal? Think of it! Golfing, softball, walking, playing with the grand kids, doing yard work (some of us enjoy this), travelling or simply walking the dog. 

The Chinese have had thousands of years to develop powerful herbal formulas that are still used in practice today because they have stood the test of time and proven themselves to be effective.

One of my favorites is The Great Mender (Jin Gu Die Sheng Wan)  which I often recommend to athletes or those recovering from surgery.

THE GREAT MENDER – Used in China for: 

· Tears (tendons, ligaments, muscles)

· Fractures, broken bones, dislocations

· Soft tissue injuries such as post-surgical pain and swelling, sprains, strains, muscle pulls

· Injuries (knees, ankles, wrists, shoulders, etc.)

· Acute flare-ups of chronic pain such as sciatica

· Deep bruising, contusion, blunt trauma injuries

· Slow healing wounds or injuries

· Pelvic pain (severe menstrual pain)

Types of Pain

· Acute (severe)

· Pain accompanied by redness and swelling

· Chronic stabbing pain

· Pelvic pain (severe menstrual pain)


· Do not use if you are on blood thinners or have a bleeding/clotting disorder

· Do not use if you are pregnant

· Use with caution during heavy menstrual cycles

· Contains tree nuts

Meant for short-term use. May be used for a few weeks to a few months when under the supervision of a qualified healthcare professional.