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Healish Conditions


By Kevin Sheehan, Special Columnist

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It is always funny how it seems that the world and it’s energy seem to match up for many of us. I noticed it last year in June with the article Heavy Skies & Dark Hearts, but instead of the world seeming to groan, there seems to be a period of healing. I don’t speak for society in general, but I mean among people I know, people are rising to the occasion to overcome what they are facing.

It is important to note that problems and situations rarely are comparable. Everybody’s situation is different, so it is impossible to compare issues and be fair about it. So, while it may seem like someone’s problem doesn’t seem as serious, everything is situational, and rarely do we know all the facts.

What is important is that we all take time to heal when we need to. Our energy can be likened to a cup, and we can keep pouring ourselves out for everything and everyone, but it is vitally important for us to take time to refill ourselves. After all, it is impossible to give someone a drink when we are dry ourselves.

The lack of taking care of ourselves can be detrimental in the long run. Like a small cut that could lead to an infection which could turn septic and lead to death, issues are best resolved when the cut can be cleaned and taken care of initially, and the attention to ourselves to keep ourselves healthy can enable us to further help others.

I don’t mean just about physical healing. I also mean about emotional and psychological healing as well. I mean the emotional healing one undergoes after a failed relationship, and the healing process to move on. The healing of living after the loss of a loved one. The healing process of realizing that you are not who you wanted to be, and the process to change it. The healing process in which you have lost faith in something, or someone, and you need to adjust your own thinking. The healing of ego, when you realize maybe being a ninja warrior is just not for you.

It isn’t a single day process. It is a process that takes exactly as long as you need it to. Once again, situations, not people, dictate the process. It is never as easy as “Just get over it” and it will never be as quick as “Oh well, guess that is over” if it meant anything to you at all. When you put time limits on healing is when injuries start to never go away. They get pushed back into a void and usually left there, causing the encompassing feelings to become the current state of their location: simply void.

If you refuse to take time to heal, you never become truly heal-thy. Maybe that is where our society is going wrong? We live in a world of “now”, I want it now, I’ll get it now, do it now, and sadly, healing and moving on after a tragedy or heart-wrenching experience is no exception. So, if we have any intention of helping others, first we must learn to help ourselves. I know it sounds easier said than done, but isn’t everything? If we never take the time to heal and find peace within ourselves, it will feel like we are stuck in “heal” forever.

PS, Happy 2 Year Anniversary Richard.


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