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Hoagland Boulevard Improvements to Impact Marsh Landing Boat Traffic


Released By Osceola County Community Outreach/Public Information Office

Beginning February 10, contractors for Osceola County working on Hoagland Boulevard Phase 3 will be closing the Marsh Landing area to boat traffic while improvements to the bridge over Shingle Creek are completed.

Work at the site will involve the installation of pilings for a newly reconstructed bridge, as well as the demolition and removal of the existing bridge.

The estimated time for construction of this portion of Hoagland Boulevard Phase 3 is 8-10 months. During this time, the contractor will have in place a barricade of floating barrels both upstream and downstream of the bridge, which will prevent boat traffic from passing under the bridge. It is imperative for safety reasons that boaters respect the barricades.

Quick facts about Hoagland Boulevard improvements:

· Phase 3 begins at the southern end at U.S. Highway 17-92, and continues to just north of the Shingle Creek Bridge.

· The $10.7 million project consists of a four-lane divided roadway, with bike lanes and sidewalks along both sides and improvements to the Shingle Creek Bridge.

· Together with the planned Phase 2 improvements, the new Hoagland Boulevard will more efficiently and more safely move motorists, cyclists and pedestrians from U.S. 17-92 to U.S. Highway 192 upon completion, projected for 2020.

For project information, including both Phase 2 and Phase 3, please visit http://www.osceola.org/go/hoagland