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I’m Not Thinking


Break Free

Stress. Apprehension. Guilt. Pain. Just the mention of such words can make blood pressure rise. Even worse, perhaps those words bring up thoughts or memories that do cause pain. So every now and then it is vital to just stop thinking.

Perhaps it entails just letting something go. Quit beating yourself up about what happened and the decisions you made and/or the decisions of others. The past is in the past. Leave it there.

Don’t let something rob you of the joy you have or might have. We are relatively free, so don’t let stress keep you prisoner. I often say we are working ourselves to death just to stay alive, and it is quite possible to lose all joy for life because we are so busy trying to have “the good life”, that we do not appreciate the one we have.

We have things. When I ask you what things you have, you might reference your car, your house, your sentimental possessions. However, don’t ever forget that time is one of your “things.” You can do with it what you like, and people can only steal it from you if you allow them to. We all have 24 hours in a day.

Find something you love to de-compress. Take some of the time you possess and trade it for a stress relieving passion. Some people play music, some people write, some people play sports, but you should be able to leave your mind behind and just focus, and enjoy the moment.

Some people may try to emulate these escapes with substances, however (in my personal experience, in my many years of personal substance abuse experience) that only provides a delay. The substance is nothing more than snooze button on an alarm clock until you force yourself in another direction. While they may take you out of your mind, it returns you to your state when using, and rarely in a state of peace.

That is one reason I love riding my motorcycle. When I participate in what I like to call “wind therapy”, I get on my motorcycle with a head full of stress and questions with no answers, and when I get off my motorcycle, I am at peace. It is calming, and inexplicable. It is a gradual metamorphosis when riding my motorcycle. There is nothing quite like the wind in my face to blow the thoughts out of my head, the sun on my face keeping me warm, and the smell of fuel and road. In those moments, everything falls away. It is just me, the bike, and the road. After riding around with no destination other than to eventually go home, and every turn being a split second decision, I am able to empty my head, decompress, and come to peace.

That is important to do. As much as I focus on progression, empathy, and discipline, it is just as important to step away and clear your head. By doing so, you can approach matters with a clear head, and continue to make strides in advancement. All work and no play makes jack a dull boy, but it also makes jack a boy without hobbies, passions, and even proper coping methods.

Remember to never, ever, become prisoner to your mind. Your mind is a tool that you can train and harness to help you achieve dreams and learn anything you want with. Do not let the stress and dark thoughts dictate your moves, but decide your future in a way to alleviate such pressures and fears. Find your outlet.

Breathe. Relax. Go. Do. Be.

Only by finding yourself will find others lost, and only by helping yourself will you be able to help others. Only if you love yourself, you will be able to love others. Finally, only if you can clear your head, then you can properly think.