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Kissimmee TU Student Accepted into UF’s Veterinary Medical School

Jeleah Nunez

By Joshua Barrett, Student Writer

Thomas University student Jeleah Nunez, from Kissimmee, Florida, is one of three Thomas University biology majors who will graduate on May 11 with their bachelor’s degrees and start graduate programs this fall that lead to doctorate degrees. Nunez will attend the University of Florida’s Veterinary Medical School.

Nunez credits TU’s biology program with helping her prepare for graduate school.

“My degree has prepared me for the future courses I will be taking because I will need the information as background knowledge while I am digging deeper into my profession,” she said.

Nunez said she chose UF’s Veterinary Medical School for several reasons. “It was always a dream of mine to go to this school, and my mentors spoke highly about their veterinary program,” she said. “Also, it is closer to home.”

While attending TU, Nunez balanced the rigorous training of a college athlete as a Softball player along with the long hours of a full-time student. 

Nunez said she loves TU for its many resources on campus and the people who have helped her through her journey.

“I really enjoyed the small class size and academic resources available for students,” she said. “Professor Harrell really helped me while I was in her classes. I don’t think I could have done this without her.”

Harrell said, “Jeleah is what you would think of as a gold-star student. She is determined to succeed and steadfast in her studies. Without a doubt, she will succeed in all she does.”

Maddox also sees a lot of success in Jeleah’s future because she always pushes herself to be the best in whatever she is doing.

“I’ve watched Jeleah develop from a student who was reluctant to invest any additional energy into her class work into a student who is able to look critically at scientific information and is willing stretch herself,” Maddox said. “I’ve seen the light bulbs come on and watched her become intellectually engaged with complex concepts.”