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KPD Introduces Summer Initiative: Keep, Lock, Take


Released By Kissimmee Police Department

Summer time is officially here and while Kissimmee residents may be relaxing, our Officers will be asking them to keep their guard up so that their personal belongings stay personal.

During the Summer months of June, July and August, the number of car break-ins tends to increase. In 2017 we had 128 car break-ins over the summer months. In 2018 that number greatly decreased to 62 car break-ins over the same time. In 2019 detectives have received several reports of car break-ins, particularly of unlocked cars.

We are asking the community to be proactive and use this mantra: Keep your Keys, Lock your Cars, Take your Belongings

Recently we’ve noticed car owners who are targeted are those who leave valuables in their cars and don’t lock their doors.

The Kissimmee Police Department Problem Oriented Policing Unit passed out information in the Liberty Village Community on Monday, June 17 to provide resources and prevention tips for residents in Kissimmee.