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Letter To The Editor – “Just WHAT Is The Big HURRY?!”


Dear Editor,

Ever since moving to Florida in 2015 a nagging question has plagued me… why is everyone in such a big hurry?! Are they afraid that Disney or another one of the myriad “tourist traps” is going to close early?

I’ve had a driver’s license since 1965 and have driven in many different states over the years. I must honestly say that I’ve never dealt with such a multitude of rude, inconsiderate, and downright NASTY motorists as in Florida.

There’s always some idiot clinging to your rear bumper like a piece of Saran wrap. Evidently, “tailgating” must be the official “State Sport”. Do these morons think that will force me to go faster? Wrong again… it has the opposite effect on me. It’s perversely “entertaining” to watch these Masters of Motoring Mayhem constantly “breaking ranks” and “jockeying for position”, flying by you at breakneck speeds. The “consolation” is that invariably you end up sitting next to them at the next red light, pondering “What was THAT all about?!” These maniacs endanger everyone else on the road and gain absolutely nothing. When the red light turns green, you best put “the pedal to the metal” and “lay rubber” within 3 seconds, or risk some jerk behind you laying on their horn and trying to push you through the intersection! The epitome of RUDENESS.

These clowns speed through parking lots, school and thickly settled zones like they’re driving on the infamous I-4. (I avoid THAT “suicide highway” at ALL costs. It should be re-named “The Autobahn”, as there doesn’t seem to be any speed limit!)

The state could save tons of $$ by simply eliminating all road signs, as nobody seems to abide by them anyways. Oddly, I rarely, if ever, see a police cruiser “laying in wait” or conducting “speed traps”. The City, and state coffers would be overflowing if contingents of “gendarmes” would be placed at strategic spots along the roads & highways.

Florida may be “The Land of Sunshine” but it’s definitely NOT “An Oasis of Hospitality” when one has to constantly be subjected to the unnecessary stress caused by these crazy drivers. While the residents of Florida are extremely welcoming and hospitable… the motorists AREN’T!

Joe Cutler, St. Cloud

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