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Loaded Warriors Win NBA Finals with Relative Ease


By: Tommy Billiteri

Even with the best player of his generation, LeBron James, playing possibly his best series ever, the Cleveland Cavaliers still lost the Finals in five games to the star-studded Golden State Warriors.

In fact, James became the first player in NBA history to average a triple-double for the entire NBA Finals. And the Cavs even got some pretty solid play from Kyrie Irving, Kevin Love and JR Smith, but it paled in comparison to Warriors balanced attack.

This result is what most basketball minds expected when an ex-MVP, Kevin Durant, joined a 73-win team. How could any other roster matchup with the Warriors? I mean they have four current all-stars, the last three MVPs, a Defensive Player of the Year candidate and three all-time great shooters on the same team.

At times, it seemed like the two teams playing were from two different leagues. The average margin of victory in the Warriors’ four wins was over 13 points per game, and the Cavs needed to make a Finals record 24 3-pointers to even tally a single win in the series.

Now that Golden State won, Durant is getting all of the praise including the Finals MVP trophy. It almost seems like people are forgetting that he took the easy route to the championship by betraying his “brother” Russell Westbrook and the Thunder to join a 73-win team who he lost to in the Western Conference Finals.

To be clear, this Finals was not Durant’s “coming out party,” he has always been this good. The reason he looks that much better now is because he is surrounded by other all-stars, Olympians and NBA legends.

One could argue that Durant bought his first title instead of earning it like all the other NBA greats did. That is why Durant’s legacy quite possibly could be that he is a submissive, ring-chaser.

Now, it is evident that we are witnessing the start of an NBA dynasty that was built through the roster-stacking of a “super-team” unlike any other before.

Durant has now changed the culture of the NBA forever, because the only way for other superstars to challenge this Warriors team, is to follow in KD’s footsteps and create a “super-team” of their own.