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Local Fisherman Turns Passion for Fishing into Video Game Opportunity

Submitted Screen-Shot from “Fishing Paradise 3D”

Twenty year St. Cloud resident, Mark Abernathy has uniquely combined his passion for fishing into the massively growing global E-sports video gaming industry, including PC and mobile devices.

According to an article on  www.strategicgrowthconcepts.com, video gaming is the number two action we spend time on, on our PC’s and mobile devices behind social media. Abernathy stated “Simply look around, restaurants, airports, schools, the workplace, everyone owns a cell phone otherwise known as a handheld device and is on them constantly, either buying something though them, communicating or playing a game.”

Abernathy and his 11 year old company, Pro Media Now Inc., originally teamed with his late friend and legendary ESPN TV fisherman, Doug Hannon, “The Bass Professor”, and released a game in 2013.

To date this original single language, multi-platform game titled “Fishing Paradise 3D” has been played over 100 million times, averaging 10.5 minutes per play session and has over 400,000 Google reviews averaging 4-5 stars. Widely considered the top fishing themed game ever produced, Abernathy shares he sold this game a year ago and is disappointed the buyer has not upgraded nor maintained the game as he expected.

Enthusiastically Abernathy reveals he has teamed with the award winning Orlando based developers of the NASA/Kennedy Space Center simulator games. “It is time to upgrade languages offered as well as the graphics, and in-game actions  in the sequel to be titled Fishing Paradise World Tour”, stated Abernathy. Abernathy plans to build hunting and racing themed games as well and welcomes forward thinking investors. “Our first game earned millions, this next game we plan to increase that ten times over minimally. Being directly involved for over 6 years in this industry, listening to our players and studying the games analytic reports which identify the in-game actions players enjoy, we recognize what our audience responds to”, continued Abernathy.

Plans for the sequel game include massive player global tournaments,  awarding “Dream Fishing Trips” hosted by TV and YouTube fishing personalities, along with an in-game affiliate store through Bass Pro Shops allowing players to purchase actual equipment and redeem time sensitive awards earned through game play.

“With an added focus on realism and educational fishing tips provided by  fishing experts in the game, hopefully we can motivate our players who 90% are 18-54 to get outside and utilize the fishing tips found in this sequel”, stated Abernathy.

Abernathy went on to say “This gaming industry has shown no signs of slowing, the first game proved what we can do, now we increase it. Ironically “Candy Crush Friends”, a multi-billion dollar earning game, averages 6 minutes per play session, yet our first game averaged 10.5. “Fortnite”, the current big game earns 500 million dollars per month, and has for over a year. “Pokémon” has earned over 2 billion, yet Fishing is the number one individual recreational activity in the world.” The future really looks bright per Abernathy, who plans to contribute to cleaning our planets waters.

For further information or to inquire about investment opportunities contact Mark Abernathy by calling 407-301-6079 or emailing Mark@promedianow.com.