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Medicare Coverage for Acupuncture


By Acupuncturist Dr. Jeannette “Jett” Kerns, AP, DOM, L.Ac., St. Cloud, FL owner of East Lake Acupuncture

Medicare/CMS is seeking public comment on National Coverage for Acupuncture treatment for chronic low back pain to get a general idea of the thoughts of the public on the matter. Even if you do not qualify for Medicare you will someday, and with your help, perhaps acupuncture will be a covered service.

Public Comment Period: Now – 02/14/2019

We are in very exciting times. Acupuncture is gaining more and more well deserved popularity and mainstream acceptance. Expanded coverage through Medicare and insurance can make acupuncture more accessible to more people. But to make this a reality we need to make our voices heard. We have an opportunity to do just that! The process of this potential change begins with a ‘30 day public comment period’ where we have the chance to show how many people are wanting coverage for their acupuncture treatments.

There are only a few weeks left to make your voice heard, so please take a moment to visit the link below and express your desire to see acupuncture covered by Medicare.

Some suggestions for leaving comments:

 1. You can leave a comment by telling your story of how acupuncture treatment by a licensed acupuncturist has helped relieve your pain. 

2. You can leave a comment stating that the total cost of acupuncture by a licensed acupuncturist is much less than current conventional treatment which is covered by your insurance.

3. You can simply say that acupuncture treatment helped you and you support Medicare coverage.

Please go to the link below and show your support for acupuncture coverage—