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Million Dollar Strategies—Part 3 of 3


By: Michael Aun


One of the albums I produced in the sales industry years ago was titled “The $ecret to $uccess in $elling is a $et of $kills!” Maverick Entrepreneurs’ Million Dollar Strategies co-author Mike Ward titled his chapter of the anthology The Secrets of Selling Yourself.

Every entrepreneur will tell you that you must first learn to sell yourself. “They are buying you, not your service,” suggests Mike Ward. “What then is the secret ingredient? It is you! Sounds simple.”

Ward says we have to remember the Golden Rule. “Treat them how you want to be treated.” Personally, I prefer the Platinum Rule. “Treat them how they want to be treated.”

Ward points out things will go wrong but we must “learn from loss and brainstorm ways to improve on what went wrong. After all, you’re selling yourself not you product or service.”

One interesting slant in this anthology comes from co-author Alysia Kehoe, who addresses strategic coaching for five diverse generations. Ms. Kehoe looks closely at each generation and defines them nicely in her chapter.

Be they traditionalists, boomers, Gen-X, Millennials or combinations thereof, knowing the characteristics of each it the key that unlocks the doors of their thinking.

Strategic planning is paramount to understanding these diverse groups and strong mentoring is a key to reaching them and affecting change. In her chapter, she meticulously defines how she would recruit to fill various employment levels in a company with the appropriate demographic.

In my own chapter of the book, I chose to address Prioritize or Perish as my topic in personal management.  I share my on goal setting process and how I choose to manage my day.

I use an A-B-C-D priority system. “A” must be done today. “B” could be done, time permitting. “C” could be deferred to later in the week. “D” represents the four D’s: Do it, Dump it, Delay it or Delegate it.

Co-author Linda Sauls advises us on “How to Choose Mentors and Do What They Do.” I personally have always felt that mentors will tell you two things:  what you are doing right and what you are doing wrong.

“Maximize your potential by mapping out your schedule,” says Linda. “Plan each week in advance. Consult your daily sales plan and call record. Refer to your monthly objectives to determine which marketing and sales activities have highest priority. Review your master plan and include specific goals,” she advises.

“KISS- Keep It Short and Simple,” says Sauls. “Write the way you speak and learn to use bullet points to get your points across.”

Chuck McCurry, another co-author, spent his time in the Mission Field and utilizes that experience extensively to make his points. Ralph Waldo Emerson said “Every man is my superior in that I might learn something from everyone.” McCurry uses that quote to make his point.

“You need to develop a good personality,” says McCurry. “I believe I learned more from hearing the reports of my classmates. To this day, I use those principles I learned from the book ‘How to Win Friends’. The key is to never stop learning.

I received the CPAE Speaker Hall of Fame in 2000 and the Legends of the Speaking Profession honor along with the late Zig Ziglar, which came in 2010. McCurry quotes Zig. “If you help enough people in life get what they want they will help you get what you want out of life.”

Emily Wright, a veteran entrepreneur, points to referrals as being the lifeblood of any successful business. “Referrals are often considered the result of luck or being the right place at the right time…. Referrals happen as a result of a few distinct, repeatable circumstances in your business.”

Referrals happen when you deliver a “WOW experience,” says Wright. “If you don’t deliver it, you are leaving money on the table in a huge way. Use referral cards, thank you cards, thank you gifts, ideal client profiles and postcards to keep it all together.”

Publisher and co-author Jerry Bellune advises us to use the magic bullets and offers Bakers Dozen of Ideas on how to penetrate your market with specific, hands-on ideas that will make you money. In a bonus chapter of the book, Jerry gives insight into forming and maximizing the benefits of a Master Mind Group.

Grab this book…. a short read with powerful ideas!

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