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Move Over, Slow Down! It’s Everybody’s Responsibility

Representatives from Florida’s Turnpike, the Florida Highway Patrol, Orange County Fire Department, Road Rangers/State Farm Safety Patrol and Turnpike Towing partners were onsite at the Turkey Lake Service Plaza to discuss Florida’s Move Over Law as part of National Traffic Incident Response Awareness Week. 

Released By FDOT/Florida’s Turnpike

Emergency responders across the nation work tirelessly to help save lives at the scene of traffic crashes and incidents. Every year, hundreds of emergency responders experience close calls, or are struck and either injured or killed while on incident scenes.

Last week, November 11-17, has been designated by the Federal Highway Administration as National Traffic Incident Response Awareness Week to draw public awareness to the dangers emergency responders face when responding to a traffic incident. Motorists need to Move Over or Slow Down when passing an incident scene to provide a protective buffer for responders to work and for the safety of motorists.

Florida’s Move Over Law, which requires drivers to move over one lane for first responders and law enforcement on the shoulder or in a travel lane or slow down to a speed that is 20 MPH less than the posted speed limit.

Here are the facts: Traffic incidents are the leading cause of death for police officers and EMS/EMT responders. One in seven firefighters who die in the line of duty are killed in vehicle-related incidents. More tow operators are injured or killed than any other responder group. You can receive a citation if you do not Move Over or Slow Down.