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Nation Wide Fitness Careers are Expanding…


Submitted by the National Personal Training Institute


Convert your Healthy Lifestyle into a rewarding Professional Career. It all begins with Personal Training Education at The National Personal Training Institute. The benefits of living a healthy lifestyle are numerous and converting your passion for exercise and fitness into a Career is profitable and rewarding. A Diploma in Next Generation Personal Training and Exercise Science from NPTI will prepare you for a fulfilling career in a growing industry. The National Personal Training Institute has been educating students for over 18 years with a 600-hour ACCSC Accredited Personal Training College level curriculum.

Fitness Careers are expanding rapidly for Qualified and educated NPTI graduates. The Personal Training job growth is projected to grow through year 2024 at a rate of 8 percent with projected job openings of 74,900 in the United States alone. NPTI is licensed by the Department of Education and approved for Title IV funding. A Diploma in Personal Training will prepare you for a job immediately upon graduating. Health and fitness professionals have a range of opportunities. From corporate settings to healthcare facilities to high-energy environments such as sports teams, CrossFit centers and big box gyms.

If you are one of the 250,000 service members transitioning out of the military in 2018, or if you have already transitioned out and are still looking for a career `change or help. NPTI is a veteran owned and staffed school. For the past 18 years NPTI has been helping veterans leaving the military at no cost to service members. In doing so, NPTI has introduced these candidates to civilian employment with exciting careers in the Fitness Industry, as well as continuing education opportunities.

We offer a full time four-month semester that allows our graduates to be immediately employed in the Fitness industry. NPTI offers job placement assistance worldwide with industry contacts. NPTI would love to invite you in for a FREE Educational Consultation and help you decide on a future career. Call us at 844-NPTIFIT or visit www.nptiflorida.edu