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New Years Resolutions


Regardless of weekly content, this column is designed to help others expand their way of thinking and promote creativity, empathy, and thought in general.

By Kevin Sheehan, Special Columnist

With a new year upon us, we will hear an expression of dedication from all around us as to what people want to accomplish this coming year of 2017. With the current goal of 2016 just being survival, it is safe to say any realistic goal can be a good one.

Many people will start a gym routine, or perhaps change their diet. Some people will go back to college. Some people will quit drinking, and others will start. But why do we get caught up in these societal routines of setting goals that will most likely be abandoned?

Some people are unhappy. By setting these goals, people try to change the things that make them unhappy, and along with achievement comes a sense of accomplishment. Some people feel that another year means another year of age, and make New Years Resolutions to reclaim or keep their youth. Still others set goals just to maintain a sense of progression. Without a goal to work toward, some become stagnant or complacent in life. Regardless of the reason, the general consensus is: “This will be the year we do something different.”

But with every cloud that has silver lining, there is still a cloud. How so with New Years resolutions? Well, as we close out a year, all the things we have put off to do, get put off again to the new year as a resolution. Perhaps an appropriate resolution would be to stop procrastinating. What do I mean?

Don’t wait. Never put off bettering yourself. If 2016 has taught us anything, our lives do come to an end quicker than we realize. We should never hesitate or procrastinate when it comes to improving ourselves as individuals. As with “it is never too late to make a better decision”, it is also never too early. With these things in mind, let us never slack in our progression. All of us individually have room for improvement, even though it may vary greatly.

While we take pride in our accomplishments, we should also never become complacent. The world has so much to offer for those who reach and put forth the work. As my mom constantly told me growing up, we can “Light a candle or curse the darkness.” As for me, with how terrible 2016 was, I’m looking for matches for my candle.

     Kevin Sheehan is a 27 year-old Marketing student with an unnatural abhorrence to mashed potatoes for an Irishman.

     Let Kevin know what you are thinking. kevin.scinthenews@gmail.com

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