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OCX Honored as CFX Transition Begins


Released By Osceola County Community Outreach/Public Information Office


The Osceola County Expressway Authority (OCX) – the agency that built the Poinciana Parkway and started planning for the growth of Osceola’s transportation network through 2040 – was recently honored during the Osceola Board of County Commissioners meeting on December 3, 2018, as OCX’s transportation projects transition to the Central Florida Expressway Authority (CFX).

Members of the OCX Board are proud of what they started – including construction of Poinciana Parkway, the first leg of an Osceola County Beltway. They are confident the beltway will be completed under the authority of CFX, which was established as the regional toll agency in 2014 by the Florida legislature. “I’m pretty sure that there isn’t any other group – without any staff or resources – that has accomplished as much as OCX,” said Commission Chairman Fred Hawkins, Jr. “We’re thankful for their time and pro bono efforts to steer our future transportation needs in the right direction. As an agency, CFX has had a long history of providing transportation solutions to the community and the County is confident that CFX will finish what OCX has started, as evidenced by the agency adopting the OCX 2040 Masterplan and initiating concept studies that have now moved into the next phase of project development.”

CFX has the resources to lead the development, design and maintenance of the county’s potential toll road network, a logical next step after the agency incorporated OCX’s master plan into its own in 2015. OCX’s master plan includes Poinciana Parkway, the Southport Connector Expressway, the Northeast Connector Expressway, and the Osceola Parkway Extension.

“It’s bittersweet, but we accomplished what we set out to accomplish,” said Atlee Mercer, a former County Commissioner and Property Appraiser, who has served as the OCX chairman since its founding. “We’ve done such a good job of managing, building and promoting Poinciana Parkway that CFX has no issues taking it over. The beltway will be built as envisioned by OCX and adopted by CFX, and that is a great commitment to this community.”