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Osceola Anglers High School Fishing Club Update


Once again, the Osceola Anglers High School Fishing Club came out on top during the North vs. South Tournament held on Saturday, April 20.

The North vs. South Tournament consisted of 12 teams from the North (Osceola Anglers and Seminole Anglers) against 12 teams from the South (Polk County Anglers). The top 7 teams from the Osceola Anglers had the opportunity to fish this fun tournament and consisted of Kenzie Harrelson and Keatin Herring, Curtis and Grady Johnson, Gage Foster and Kaleb Sandridge, Bobby Chinn and Grant Jackson, Linda Evans and Coltin Filter, Walker Caples and Jacob Fraser and last but not least, Gains Redman and Dakota Hargrave.

This year the North took almost a 50 pound lead over the South, racking up 173 pounds of fish. The Osceola Anglers also had the top 3 biggest bags. Kenzie and Keatin weighed in 22.13 pounds of fish, Dakota and Gains had 18.85 pounds and Linda and Coltin had 17 pounds even. This is the 2nd year the anglers have won and they hope to take the title again next year.

After a long day Saturday, the Osceola Anglers held their club tournament on West Lake Toho on Sunday, April 21.

It was a super windy day but that didn’t stop the anglers! Coming in 1st place, Kaleb and Gage, brought in 21.12 pounds of fish. 2nd place wasn’t too far behind with Gains and Dakota bringing in 21.01 pounds. Coming in 3rd place was Kenzie and Keatin with 15.67 pounds. Big fish was caught by Gage weighing 9.25 pounds. The Osceola Anglers would like to give a huge thank you to Florida Bass Nation for allowing them to use their stage, weigh-in bags and weigh-in tanks on Sunday. They appreciate everything!

The end of the season is coming up for the anglers which means it’s time for the annual fundraising tournament, which will take place on May 11. This is a super fun tournament with great food and awesome raffle prizes. If you are interested in fishing the tournament, visit their Facebook page for more information.

The Osceola Anglers High School Fishing Club is a Non Profit 501c3 organization that was formed in 2014 to create an opportunity for High School students in Osceola County, Florida to participate in the sport of Bass Fishing. For more information on the Osceola Anglers High School Fishing Club please visit www.osceolaanglers.com.