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Osceola County Approves Animal Abuse Database


Released By Osceola County Community Outreach/Public Information Office


The first steps to create an “Animal Abuse Database” were approved by Osceola County Commissioners.

The resolution creates a partnership between Osceola County and the Osceola County Clerk of the Circuit Court to establish an online database at Osceolaclerk.com that would identify persons convicted in Osceola County of an Animal Abuse Offense on or after January 1, 2019.

“Animal cruelty is a serious problem, and this is a way to make sure that people who have shown a lack of consideration for pets will not be able to threaten animals in the future,” said Commissioner Cheryl Grieb, who pushed for creation of the online registry. “This is a tool that can be used by smaller animal rescue groups and residents who want to make sure a pet is going to a good home.”

The database can be a useful resource to consult before selling, exchanging or transferring ownership of a dog or cat. The ordinance requires anyone convicted of animal cruelty (or who pled guilty) to be named on the public database, which will also include fines for people who transfer an animal to someone listed.

Across the country, states (including Florida) have felony provisions for the most egregious crimes against animals. While animal abuse poses a threat to the safety of animals, a strong correlation has been found to exist between those who abuse animals and those who go on to commit violence against other human beings.

The ordinance also amends the Animal code to include provisions that would allow Animal Services Officers to create, use and implement citations requiring a mandatory court appearance for certain aggravated violations of local ordinance.