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Osceola County Government Provides Full Digital and Web Communications Operations


Released By Osceola County Public Information Office

At the July 18, 2019 meeting of the Citizens’ Budget Committee, the issue of ADA compliance and its effect on digital and web content for local government was discussed.

Due to requirements in the Americans with Disabilities Act, governments throughout the state of Florida are dealing with this issue. Similar to ongoing efforts that focus on ADA-compliance measures for buildings and physical structures – including ramps, designated parking, assistive entry technology and more, local governments are working to ensure equal access for websites and digital information. Those measures include ways to share financial and performance data, charts, spreadsheets and PDF’s in a more dynamic way, including the use of alternative keyboard navigation, PDF formatting, accessibility widgets, assistive technology, voice recognition capabilities and other innovative technology.

“While this topic is at the forefront of our efforts to ensure transparency and provide an inclusive, accessible web portal for all of our residents and visitors,  the financial impact of this initiative is yet to be determined,” said Don Fisher, Osceola County Manager. “In fact, while working through the technological and financial complexity of these issues, some governments have chosen to remove non-compliant information from their websites.”

Although the County website is currently undergoing accessibility remediation with the goal of providing a better user experience for residents and visitors with disabilities, Osceola County has not removed content from its website. No announcement of any pending or planned change was made at the Citizens’ Budget Committee meeting. As reported to the Committee, the Osceola County Human Resources team has taken the lead in examining this issue. Together with the IT, Communications and Budget Departments, as well as the Clerk of the Board’s office and others, the County is exploring various options for consideration by the Board of County Commissioners later this year.

Osceola County is committed to ensuring that all residents and visitors, including persons with disabilities, are able to access and use all of our services. With this commitment in mind, we are continuously seeking solutions to improve the accessibility and usability of our website,” said Maria A. Colon, Osceola County Director of Human Resources.

Osceola County strives to create an inclusive, diverse and creative environment, and proudly utilizes numerous assistive technology initiatives. For more information, please visit the Osceola County ADA Notice of Compliance page or call 407-742-1200. TTY Users, please dial 711 and give the Florida Relay Operator the above phone number.

For information about ADA regulations visit www.ada.gov.