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Osceola County Kicks Off ‘File of Life’ Program


Released By Osceola County Community Outreach/Public Information Office

A life-saving program in more than 18 million homes nationwide is now available in Osceola County. The File of Life program is targeted at seniors and those with at-risk health conditions.

The program consists of a refrigerator magnet pouch with a card insert that contains medical and health information that is immediately accessible by first-responders.

“The File of Life program is economical, effective and efficient,” said District 2 Commissioner Viviana Janer, who used community Betterment Grant funds for 10,000 of the magnets. “My hope is that we can improve emergency medical care, and provide peace of mind for our most vulnerable individuals and their loved ones, and save lives.”

The magnets will be available at Fire Stations throughout the County, at the St. Thomas Aquinas free clinic, the St. Anthony senior living facility and The Osceola Council on Aging. They will be distributed to the VA medical clinic and Federally Qualified Health Clinics in the county as well.

“The File of Life can eliminate panic and confusion in an emergency on the part of the patient or family members,” said Fire Rescue Chief Robert Sorenson. “It gives first-responders immediate access to an accurate medical history, including medications, existing conditions and allegories – all information that is critical to access in an emergency.”

File of Life has been implemented in nearly 5,000 communities and is endorsed by hospitals, fire and law enforcement agencies, organizations such as the American Red Cross, the National Council on Aging and AARP, as well as health care networks, Janer added.