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Osceola Residents Urged to Prepare for Mosquito Season


Released By Osceola County Community Outreach/Public Information Office

When you live in Florida you can count on rain – eventually. All droughts end, and when they do, the rains come – followed by mosquitoes and the potential diseases these pests can carry.

For residents, taking action starts with weekly yard inspections, something that may have fallen by the wayside during a dry spring.

The purpose of the walkabout is to spot standing water. Some common items that often contain water include tarps, dog bowls, planters, dishes, garbage cans and lids. The list is practically endless and can include items as small as a bottle cap.

Everyone should dump all standing water in items that can be turned over and hose out those that can’t, such as a concrete bird bath.  Eliminating mosquito breeding sites in and around your home not only makes outdoor living more enjoyable but it significantly reduces the threat of disease transmission.

Additionally, when enjoying the outdoors it is important that we protect ourselves. Much like sunscreen, insect repellant is the new norm for outdoor living. There are many types and kinds suitable for most lifestyles, just follow the direction on the product label and keep you and your family safe this season.

Osceola County Mosquito Control has been actively doing its part.  All winter long, staff has been preparing public areas and treating swamps and other large potential breeding sites in anticipation of rain. All equipment has been run through preventative maintenance and is ready for battle with this menace to health.

State funding has allowed Osceola County Mosquito Control to purchase much-needed equipment and diversify its supplies.

If you have any concerns or would like to request service, please call Osceola County Mosquito Control at 407-742-0200.