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Scholarships Sponsored by City of St. Cloud Awarded

Osceola County students and adults received City of St. Cloud scholarships in May during the Education Foundation-Osceola County’s Annual Scholarship Awards ceremony.

Released by City of St. Cloud PIO

    A total of 293 students and adults from Osceola County received scholarship awards during the Education Foundation-Osceola County’s Annual Scholarship Awards ceremony in May. St. Cloud Mayor Nathan Blackwell sponsored one student – Maylei Mabry – and City of St. Cloud, a scholarship sponsor since 2005, sponsored 13 students. The recipients are: Taryn Baker, Holly Cleveland, Emma Dillard, Bethany Farmer, Jorge Frias, Jaimie Hauser, Estefania Garcia-Ujaque, Andrea Lopez, Meriry Mendez, Selina Oliver, Paola Polanco, Brianna Samuelson and Kelley Vergon. The recipients are very grateful for the municipality’s support.

**Andrea Lopez – “Thank you so much for the opportunity to obtain a scholarship to continue my education. I am so grateful for this chance, and I appreciate it greatly. I hope to provide someone with the same generosity you have shown me.”

**Maylei Mabry – “Thank you so much for this wonderful blessing. This scholarship has opened the door to a purposeful future. I’m excited to go to college and pursue my dreams. Now, thanks to you, I have the opportunity to chase my dreams without so much weight on my shoulders. Thank you for sponsoring me and giving me this chance. I’m grateful for you and for the Education Foundation.”

**Kelley Vergon – “Thank you for caring about continued education for adults. I appreciate your assistance as I go back to school to become a principal while holding a full-time job and caring for my family. Your generosity will not go unnoticed. I am blessed to have you in my life. Thank you so very much!”

“We are so very proud in assisting our local students achieve their educational goals so that that they can make a difference within their community,” said Blackwell. “It’s also important to let them know that we believe in them! We wish them continued success in their future educational endeavors.”

Education Foundation-Osceola County administers the disbursement of funds from all donors and sponsors. Scholarship appointments for the 2017-2018 school year will be available starting in September. For more details on the Education Foundation-Osceola County Scholarship Program, visit www.foundationosceola.org or call 407-870-4855.