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St. Cloud Flag Flyer Award


Pvt. Lucius L. Mitchell Camp 4 is proud to recognize Terry and Kathy Morrison for consistently flying the American Flag at their St. Cloud residence.

Terry, whose nickname is Turk, was born in Columbus, Indiana. He was in a children’s home for ten years. In 1974 he graduated from Columbus East High School and soon joined the United States Army serving in the 82nd Airborne Artillery Battalion from 1974-1978. Turk’s duties allowed him to enjoy traveling to places such as Korea, Alaska and Panama, as well as locations throughout the United States. The Army gave him experiences such as shooting cannons and jumping out of airplanes.

In 1979, Turk moved to Florida where he met his wife, Kathy. Combined they have four children, six grandchildren and several adopted grandchildren. His hobbies are watching sports, spending time with his family and pets, along with taking trips around the good ol’ USA.

Turk and Kathy are very proud to fly the American Flag at their St. Cloud residence because it represents freedom and a great nation to be proud of.

For this act of patriotism, Past Dept. Cmdr. Ron McCracken proudly presented Terry and Kathy with a certificate for being a St. Cloud Flag Flyer. The SUVCW encourages other residents to do likewise. We also invite male descendants of Union Veterans of the Civil War to consider joining our camp or to inquire about research, call Past Department Commander Ron McCracken at 321-442-1856.

Thank you, Terry and Kathy for flying the Stars and Stripes.