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The Community Hope Center and IDignity Osceola Serve Residents


The IDignity Osceola program, hosted by the Community Hope Center, recently served over 145 individuals, at their latest event held at First Christian Church in Kissimmee.

IDignity Osceola was created to assist the disadvantaged in Central Florida to navigate the complexities of obtaining their personal identification, such as birth certificates, Florida ID cards and Social Security cards.

In order to implement this program, it requires the assistance of 100+ dedicated volunteers and the professional staff of various agencies in order to fulfill the critical mission of restoring dignity and hope by providing identification.

The IDignity Osceola Program issued 75 Identification Cards, 6 Florida Birth Certificates and over 55 Social Security Cards at the recent event.

IDignity Osceola’s purpose is to empower the community and cultivate a more inclusive, productive and secure society.

Jack, an IDignity Osceola client stated, “Today was really super at IDignity Osceola! This has been a great help to me financially because I’ve been having a hard time with money and it was really neat going in here and in a short time I got my ID! I think it’s such a great thing that you are doing here, to reach out and help people. It’s important.”