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The Importance of Early Childhood Education from the perspective of a current Director and VPK Teacher


By Nicole Haddad

Did you know that 90% of critical brain development happens in the first five years of life? Do you have or know a child under the age of 5? The purpose of this article is to shine a light on how very important early childhood education is for a child. A child’s early years are truly the foundation for his/her future development, therefore early childhood education is essential and crucial for the littlest of learners. Exceptional early childhood education should support cognitive, emotional and social aspects of a child’s development. Children are precious gifts and should be valued and nurtured with love, kindness, encouragement and tender care. Children should feel safe, loved and respected at school. These are very important qualities in an exceptional childhood program that helps build confidence and a true love of learning. Learning through play is the most natural state for a child and the state in which they learn anything and everything in their early years. Giving the gift of learning to your child is beneficial for their socialization skills with others. It is so important that children learn how to share, cooperate and follow directions in a structured environment with their classmates and teachers.

Little Peanut Academy (LPA) is my precious preschool where my big dreams unfolded before my eyes after countless continued hard work and dedication. Teaching and Directing LPA is my true passion. If you’ve never experienced LPA, you need to! There is a powerful and indescribable feeling when you’re a part of our school community. LPA is clean, colorful, warm and inviting and extremely special to my heart. We are a family here and it is truly a blessing. Classrooms are filled with deep loving teachers who care and teach through patience and play and is filled with children that are thriving and successful on all different levels. Here at LPA, we foster the whole child and we believe that children have a unique gift that is opened and discovered at different times. Children here at LPA are nurtured and encouraged to be their best self. They develop confidence, a positive self-image and a sense of security and safety within their sweet souls. Building relationships through classroom management and loving discipline where children are encouraged to problem solve together along with the guidance of our teachers, creates a strong school community of deep love, kindness, respect and understanding. Parent communication and involvement  are a very important part of our successful preschool. It is beyond rewarding to witness our students flourishing in all areas of their lives. Little Peanut Academy’s VPK graduates continually exceed expectations and state assessment scores are scored above average year after year upon entering Kindergarten. All my students, from the past and present will always have a very special place in my heart, forever.

I strongly encourage guardians to invest in their child; invest in their child’s education in order to positively benefit their child’s future. I believe that together, we can help build a better tomorrow and a better future for our children.

Little Peanut Academy is located at 1034 Pennsylvania Avenue in downtown St. Cloud. For more information, please call 407-556-3900.