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UCF Study of Future Needs of Osceola County Sheriff’s Office Complete


Released By Osceola County Sheriff’s Office

When Sheriff Gibson took office in 2017, he knew that the Osceola County Sheriff’s Office was comprised of some of the best men and women working in law enforcement. However, because Osceola County is one of the fastest growing counties in the State of Florida and in the nation, Sheriff Gibson saw that it was paramount to ascertain what changes needed to be implemented, in order to keep up with this growth and best serve the citizens of Osceola County. That is why in the summer of 2017, the sheriff’s office partnered with the University of Central Florida to conduct a comprehensive study. This study helps the sheriff’s office understand where we are today and where we need to go for the next 5, 10, 20 years, in order to properly keep up with the expected growth of the county.

The sheriff’s office will be using the information from this study in order to develop a strategic plan that will be effective for the agency and our community. Sheriff Gibson and his staff will begin meeting with the Osceola County Board of County Commissioners and their staff to discuss the fiscal support for a step plan, and crafting a step plan based on the available funding. The BOCC has shown a commitment to the public safety of this county and has already implemented a step plan with the county EMS department. The sheriff’s office is confident that we can create a step plan that properly values sheriff’s office employees, while being fiscally responsible.

This study highlights the importance of our agency being effectively integrated with our community, as being vital to our continued success. As the study concludes, the citizens of Osceola County do not report that crime and disorder are significant problems for them but that instead traffic, parking and housing issues are the biggest areas of concern. With this and all information provided, we will work with our partner agencies, community leaders and businesses to continue our community strong initiatives to solve problems and the concerns of our citizens.

The complete study will be available on the sheriff’s office website once the document is made available to be published under ADA compliance.