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What Is The Question Again?


By Kevin Sheehan, Special Columnist

I have never met an intelligent man who didn’t ask questions. After all, it is the questions that may make someone intelligent by the answers they receive. That is why children, although unbelievably frustrating at times, will consistently ask why. Although I do believe they enjoy getting on your nerves at some point, they are curious to how the world works, how things work, and why things do so.

But sometimes questions aren’t easy to answer. For instance, why can’t people get along? Why are people so unable to have intelligent conversations sharing different viewpoints without it turning into an argument? Why is there such a breakdown of the individual person these days? Why are expectations set so high for ourselves and others?

However, just as much as there are questions that are hard to answer, there are questions that are hard to ask. Questions such as: Am I wrong? Should I apologize? Do I need to defend myself or justify my actions?

With any question deserving a response, answers are not clear. While answering a question with a question might seem cliché, there are reasons why it is common.

Questions regarding what is really important to you, or whether you are prepared for an event may help. Questions regarding what you said, or how you said it can help you reevaluate events to see how you might have hurt someone or something. More importantly, questions to decipher where things went wrong can help prevent it from happening again.

I know I am not the only one who thinks about ,mistakes I have made and laments certain aspects of my history. But the question is, what am I doing to change my future? I know people contemplate with the idea of going back to college, and the question is, how badly do you want the degree? I know some people may sit in silence around someone they have feelings for, and have yet to confess them, but again, the question is: what is stopping you? And if you know something will make you happy,

We are alive now. We spend too much time stressing. We spend too much time focusing on all the unimportant aspects of life. Before we know it, we will be on our deathbed asking, “What happened?” “Is this it? Is this all life is?” Or perhaps we could live our life with passion, and ask “Wasn’t that fun?”

Or maybe we won’t ask anything. Maybe we will be grateful for what we had, maybe we will be sad that our ride in life is over. Maybe we will be happy our pain is almost over, and maybe we will be silent, because we won’t know what to say. Maybe we finally decide whether we lived our lives happily or not. Maybe, just maybe, that is the question.

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