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By:  Michael Aun, http://www.aunline.com

I was recently surfing the various Cable News Networks just to see the individual take that each had on the latest nonsense unfolding in Washington, DC.  There is no question in my mind that there is an abundance of “fake news” on both sides of the aisle in the capital, evidenced by the media.

     It reminded me of the time I once had the privilege of serving as a Jury Foreman.  I will never forget the Judge’s charge to the jury: “Your job today is to determine who is lying the least?”

That is what you get with CNN or Fox News.  Both are slanted in the direction the network wants them to report.  When did objective reporting take on the cloak of partisan politics?  There should be a disclaimer on the screen that warns you that you might get brain cancer from watching.

As an opinion columnist, I get to spew all kinds of nonsense each week.  After 43 years of my wife Christine putting up with me, I get away with some of the bull I shovel under the pretense there is some entertainment value.  My bride would disagree. Fortunately for me there is no truth meter in the Aun household.

Your feelings about Donald Trump notwithstanding… can you really call any of this “objectivity?”  Perhaps if CNN would occasionally throw the Donald a bone then they might have some modicum of legitimacy…. but not in my lifetime.

     And if Fox would call Trump out more often, maybe it could be seen as a network that is not a little right side of Genghis Khan.  As they say in NASCAR “It is what it is.”  At least I can count on the rednecks on the oval to say something I occasionally understand.

Fox News usually has liberal yahoos with funny hair that occasionally show up to lay the blame on the Russians for Hillary getting the short end of a crappy stick in November.  Give Fox some cred for making an effort, lame though it may be.

Perhaps the Judge had it right.  We as viewers need to determine “Who is lying the least?”  Discern or tune in to the Three Stooges, which is at least entertaining if not more factual than NBC, CBS, ABC or the Clinton News Network.  Forget about MSNBC… they sold out a long time ago.

I don’t expect this week’s blab to change reader’s minds.  I realize that I am completely full of it… but I own my sarcasm.  What I do not like about the rest of the “media” is that they will never own theirs.

Most of the media manufacture “fake news” with imaginary sources… just to tick you off.  Why?  So you will tune in again to get peed off even more the next time.  None of them could withstand a legitimate fact check.

     The White House reporters are another lot that need to be lined up and shot.  Why?  They are intent of loading all their questions just to solicit answers in which Sean Spicer will be boxed in, all under the so called pretense that the public has a right to know.

Yes the public does, but it took Spicer about six months to learn that the answer to a loaded question is to not proffer an answer at all, one way or the other.  As my brother Andy and his colleagues in the legal profession would say, never ask a question for which you do not know the answer.

We should all ask… “Who is lying the least?”  Even then you will never know the full truth because truth is rarely what the conventional media is actually seeking.

     Michael Aun, CPAE Speaker Hall of Fame® earned the Certified Speaking Professional® (CSP) designation from the National Speakers Association in 1983.  Only 12% of all professional speakers worldwide have earned this honor.