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Friday, 05 March 2010 17:02

Osceola’s Clean Water Leadership?  NOT!

To the Editor:  It’s difficult for me to admit, but I was once as young as some of the Osceola County Commissioners and truth be told I was probably just as naïve.

 Recently at a meeting of the ‘six-figure bunch’ dragging the county commissioners around, more commonly known as the county commission meeting, it was bemoaned that the “get-what-you-can while-you-can” boys might actually have to be held accountable to a standard on water quality. They say this with dread in their voices.


Perhaps this might be the time to let the citizens (remember us, the ones that pay more and get less) know that over a period of 10 years FDEP spent 20 million of our tax dollars to establish a minimum water quality standard.  They were unable, or unwilling, to come up with minimum standards. So the Federal EPA stepped in and did it for them. All of a sudden it’s doom and gloom.


For whom you might ask?  Is it doom and gloom for a homeowner who’s taxes keep going up on their waterfront home, but can’t use their waterfront because Osceola County staff has flooded them with so much stormwater pollution.


Is it doom and gloom that they can’t get to their dock or get their boat out of the canal to go enjoy what’s left of their lake?


Is it doom and gloom that county staff fines a homeowner who buys a house with a dock. Then, when it’s proven that the dock was permitted, the county attorney refuses to refund the money!


Is it doom and gloom to finally admit that excessive weeds that come from county staff’s refusal to adhere to “Best Management Practice” might finally be curtailed?  Or county staff’s practice of spraying weeds with copious amounts of chemicals, that then falls to the bottom of the lakes smothering fish eggs and keep young fish from reaching areas shallow enough to find shelter long enough to survive?


“Keep Osceola Beautiful”?  Who knows, maybe we taxpayers might finally get some help in trying to do that.


Capt. Al Bernetti, President

Alligator Lake Chain Homeowners Association


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